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Our objective

All people are different. We have different criteria and personalities. Move & Walk’s overriding objective is to support and help children, young people and adults who suffer from neurological disabilities.
Activities are based on the Hungarian conductive education referred to as the Petö method. This has been adapted to Swedish health care through further development by our founder Eszter Horváth Tóthné. Our experience involves both both congenital and acquired neurological functional disabilities.
The school activities are free of charge since they are operated in the free school format according to Läroplanen[1] and are approved by the Swedish National Agency for Education. This means quite simply that the pupil brings his/her own individual school allowance.
Training with Move & Walk functions as a complement to standard habilitation and rehabilitation. Scientific examinations and evaluations show very good results.
The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare is our inspecting authority and continuously monitors our work. Move & Walk offers intensive training in Gothenburg and Stockholm to participants of all ages from throughout Scandinavia. We also run a CE special school in Gothenburg.
Many county councils cover the cost of training with us. The following are some of the different functional disabilities we work with. Please get in contact with us if you are unsure.
Neurological functional disabilities:
  • Stroke
  • Traffic accidents
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
Congenital functional disability CP – Cerebral Palsy of the following types:
  • Spastic Diplegia
  • Spastic Tetraplegia
  • Spastic Hemiplegia
  • Ataxia
  • Athethosis/Dystonic


[1] Curriculum
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