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Personal Assistance


We have established Move & Walk Assistance to help our trainees to have more opportunities to have conductive education in their homes. It has been our trainees´ wish for a long time to have courses to their assistance or school staff, to visit them in their homes, at school. It was mutual in many of our guests that they had many benefit of their training period, but they had difficulties to use their new knowledge in the everyday life.
With the establishment of Move & Walk Assistance it became possible to take conductive education all the way home in the everyday life. There are courses for assistants and conductors can follow you home. Through having a better knowledge, assistants give even more possibilities to trainees to develop as they have more adequate helpers.
Our vision
Our trainees get well educated assistants around them in their everyday life who can see how they can help their clients development with the help of conductive education.
Those who work as personal assistants have self-confidence in their roles as they have regular education and guidance in their job.
We can offer high quality with qualified staff and give the service and the support that a well-established assistant company can do.
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