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Intensive training for children, young people and adults

At our Move & Walk training facilities in Gothenburg and Stockholm we accept participants of all ages from throughout Scandinavia. Many county councils cover the cost of intensive training with us. In Gothenburg there are also accommodation facilities for families and assistants.


We train in small groups and teach children, young people and adults to live a life that is as independent as possible. The families and assistants gain knowledge of how they can give best support to those being trained to use the development achieved in different situations in everyday life. Each participant that comes to Move & Walk is provided with a personal training programme and is placed in a suitable group. The training is adapted to the participant’s age as well as a physical and cognitive level.


Individual objectives are set in consultation with participants and family. The objectives are monitored regularly during the training period. With the guidance of a conductor, our participants learn to use their functions in an optimum manner, extend their own limits and develop their capacity to the next level. Participants get the chance to develop in a number of different areas, both physically and mentally, socially and verbally. Our committed conductors have a solid knowledge base and experience of working with persons with neurological functional disabilities. A number of evaluations and scientific studies show very good results from training.

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