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Move & Walk has offered intensive training periods in Sweden in the last 24 years. Families travelled to our centres from all over the country. As life changed, more and more trainees wanted to have their training closer to home, in a more suitable time or month. At the same time the world has become more and more digital.

Move & Walk established its digital training after trials, and it became a possibility for our private customers. 2020 with the pandemic even healthcare authorities started looking for solutions to deliver their services. With this work even our contracts with the healthcare system widened and we could deliver our intensive training periods digitally.

The experience and capacity make it possible that we offer this service even for those who live in other countries than Sweden.


Conductive Education online 2021

We arrange conductive training online in small groups with a trained Conductor. You and your child can learn how to play together in a developing way, and you get valuable knowledge and inspiration in how to use Conductive Education in your everyday life. As your child develops during the training sessions, your understanding of cerebral pares increases. The courses are arranged online in English.

Group 1

•   Age 0-3 with CP or CP-like diagnosis
•   Gross motor function 4-5
•   Training in small groups
•   10 occasions between 25 September – 11 December
•  Avaliable packages:
– 5 times: 3 200 SEK
– 10 times: 5 500 SEK
•  Training is on Saturdays at 09:00 – 10:00 CET

Group 2

•  Age: 3-6 with CP or CP-like diagnosis
•  Gross motor function 3
•  Training in small groups
•  10 occasions between 20 september – 6 december
•  Avaliable packages:
– 5 times: 3 200 SEK
– 10 times: 5 500 SEK
•  Training is on Mondays at 17:00 – 18:00 CET


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