Telerehabilitation, CONDUCT-ONLINE – Training with Conductive Education

Move & Walk offers training with Conductive Education online (telerehabilitation) as a complement to the traditionally intensive training periods or as a completely standalone training (telerehabilitation only). The training can be done in groups or in individual form. The Conduct-Online method is used today both in intensive training activities at school and in the Adult Activity Center, with great appreciation from both customers and employees.


The needs of society in the 2000s have been shaped by developments in information and communications technology. Digitization has changed our behaviour in commerce and our view of support and accessibility to services within social functions, such as care, school, etc. Customers want help when it suits them according to their own time schedules.

Customers today always expect support to be shaped according to their needs and that it be available  according to their personal requirements. Recent technological and infrastructural developments have paved the way for a paradigm shift in the accessibility of educational, medical and rehabilitation services. The use of these technological tools is commonplace for most people, regardless of age.

Customers/market needs:

–    Support when it suits their own timing – they no longer want to change their rhythm of life to fit into an existing or suitable group

–    Support nearby or in their home, school and everyday activities

–    Daily support – at home between interval training periods

–    Simplicity during training sessions. Today it is difficult to arrange everything around fixed training periods. Traveling, leave from work, missing family members, coordination with personal assistance in other places is expensive and burdens the family.

The needs of society:

  • Less environmental impact through less travel
  • Less financial impact – leave from work has an impact on taxes, sick pay, etc.
  • Less travel expenses regarding personal assistance, etc.

Organization needs:

–    We are losing customers because we cannot be flexible enough to offer suitable training time periods to meet everyone’s needs

–    Conductor competence is a scarce resource. Academic education is lacking in Sweden and therefore the recruitment period becomes long and expensive

–    Rental costs are high; our existing premises are almost full

–    Our service offering must follow demand otherwise there is a risk that we will not be able to maintain the business.


Conductive Education (CE) is a multidisciplinary and complex method designed to support the development and learning of people with central nervous system injuries. Move & Walk has over the past 22 years designed various service offerings where CE can provide an active lifestyle for customers, students, users and others as a tool. The training business is today tasked with delivering training for patients with CP injury, CP-like injuries, and congenital or acquired brain injury during a 2-4 week period (a so-called intensive training period). During these periods, conductors shape the program so that the accompanying persons (guardians and/or assistants) are able to gain a greater understanding of the patient’s needs and learn different approaches to facilitate the patient so that he/she can achieve increased participation, self-assurance and thus an improved quality of life.  We have realized that today’s social developments as well as a change in our customers’ expectations regarding the availability of our services will lead to the need to reformulate our rehabilitation services. Patients use medical services online more and more and we see that the profession needs to clarify which healthcare services can be provided on the new platforms. Can rehabilitation also be delivered online? We realize that we cannot and do not wish to deliver exactly the same service online that we deliver “face to face”. What is it then that we can deliver if we meet customers online on a video channel?


R & D

In 2018, we conducted research and development work with NICE (National Institute for Conductive Education, City University, Birmingham, UK) and CLC (Conductive Learning Center, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, USA) to discuss, investigate and analyse Conduct-Online from the profession’s point of view. What issues do we need to address in order to meet customers’ expectations? To which customers can/should we offer this arrangement? We identified risk factors, professional competence, technical requirements and process changes based on which we designed a layout to be able to test Conduct-online. During a time period, we conducted tests in different constellations to get answers to our questions and to identify possible limits for telerehabilitation.  The results were striking. Conductors were surprisingly able to quickly change their usual educational arrangement, find their communication style and identify preparatory routines to ensure that online training can flow smoothly. However, we believe it is of utmost importance that a conductor should assess each individual case whether the training can/ should be done online or “face to face”.

We are now working to make this system available to all our CE operations.


Customer needs:

  • Assistance at home
  • Possible training aids
  • Quiet and safe environment
  • Time for preparation


IT technical requirements:


  • Laptop, smartphone or iPad (laptop gives the best view)
  • Microphone and camera
  • Internet Access

Customer needs:

  • Assistance at home
  • Possible training aids
  • Quiet and safe environment
  • Time for preparation


IT technical requirements:


  • Laptop, smartphone or iPad (laptop gives the best view)
  • Microphone and camera
  • Internet Access

M&W uses the following systems:

  • Cisco video conferencing system with professional microphone and camera
  • Cisco Pexip video system, Office Management


This requires:

  • Google Chrome version 43 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 38 and later
  • Opera version 23 and later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and later (requires Flash Player 11 and later ActiveX® plug-in and does not need to be in compatibility view)
  • Microsoft Edge version 20.10532 or later for WebRTC support (earlier versions can connect via RTMP and use Flash video)
  • Apple Safari version 6 and later (Mac OS X only and requires Flash Player 11 and later plug-in)
  • Bandwidth: Connections from 8 kbps per participant (G.729, audio-only), up to 6 Mbps per participant (will vary depending on the implementation environment, video resolutions etc.

For more information about our Cisco SX10 system:

More information about joining a meeting and what technical specification is needed:


More info about Pexip and its service:


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Telerehabilitation, CONDUCT-ONLINE – Training with Conductive Education

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