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Here we have large premises and dedicated staff!

Move & Walk in Gothenburg opened in 2008 and is located in the leafy Lillhagsparken on Hisingen, where we have close proximity to forests and nature. The school is adapted for children living with various types of disabilities, and the students can easily navigate with wheelchairs. The classrooms are spacious and airy, which suits our activities that sometimes require a lot of space.

In addition to the classrooms, we also have several smaller rooms that we use when dividing the students into smaller groups.

We have a high staff-to-student ratio, and the school staff works closely with our other services: Assistance, Training, and Daily Activity Centre. This creates a sense of calm and security for both students and staff. Our dedicated school staff provides your child with an educational and enjoyable school day with plenty of attention, allowing each student to develop and learn at their own pace.

Adapted Elementary School

Grades 1-9

Adapted Secondary School

Grades 1-4

After-School Care

For students up to 13 years old

Short-Term Supervision

For students over 12 years old

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Move & Walk School is aimed at parents/guardians of children/youth living with neurological disabilities. As a parent/guardian, you have the right to choose a school for your child/youth, whether it is within or outside your municipality. We welcome students who have received a placement decision from their home municipality.

Before applying to us, your child should be enrolled in special education or have undergone an assessment indicating the need for adapted elementary school (special school placement).

You are warmly welcome to visit our schools to learn more about how we work! Fill out an interest form, and we will schedule a meeting to provide further information.

Adapted Elementary School in Gothenburg


Move & Walk School is an independent adapted elementary school where we offer your child/youth subjects and subject areas in grades 1-9. Since we use Conductive Education throughout the school day, we build motivation and develop goals tailored to your child's/teenager's unique abilities.

Adapted Secondary School in Gothenburg


Our secondary school follows the Swedish curriculum for adapted secondary schools. We offer students individual programs tailored to your teenager's unique needs and abilities. Instead of subjects, we have subject areas:

After-School Care in Gothenburg


Move & Walk's after-school care is for students aged six to thirteen.

Our after-school care is open from 07:00 to 17:00, and breakfast and snacks are provided to our students. We are here for you while you work or study.

Short-Term Supervision in Gothenburg


Move & Walk's short-term supervision is for children/youth over the age of twelve. Placement in our program is granted by the home municipality.

Short-term supervision is open from 07:00 to 17:00, and breakfast and snacks are provided to our students.

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At Move & Walk, we work closely together, supporting and helping each other to ensure that the school day is motivating and developmental for our students. Conductive Education is the foundation of everything we do, and our employees value the diverse abilities and opportunities of all individuals.

Would you like to join us? Fill out an interest form, and we will get back to you!

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