Private training


More and more of you are seeking the opportunity to come and train with us through private financing. This can involve getting started with Conductive Education training as a complement to other training or simply to maintain consistent training throughout the year.

We have developed several different packages that you can read about below.

Feel free to contact us at the respective locations, and we will help tailor a solution that suits you.


This can be either individual training or group training.


Group Training

There is the possibility to join an existing group for a desired duration (1-2-3-4 weeks) for the same number of hours as the group sessions.

Term Training (Only in Solna)

Training takes place during a term (10 sessions) with one training session per week lasting 1.5 hours.


Individual Training

Follow-up Week 

Subject to availability, individual training sessions can be booked as a follow-up week. This is recommended between two longer training periods to progress further, after surgery, or any other changes that may have occurred during the year. The follow-up week is individual and can be booked for 4 or 5 consecutive days, with 2 hours of training per day.

Clip Card

The clip card is for training in a homogeneous mini-group for 1 hour per session. The package includes 4 or 8 sessions, usually taking place once per week.


Individual consultations for 1-2 hours can be booked with a Conductor, subject to availability.

Move & Walk 
ConductOnline – Online Training 

Through ConductOnline, we can provide you with a flexible solution for re-/habilitation using Conductive Education that does not require you to be physically present in our facilities. Here, you can benefit from our expertise and experience by meeting an experienced Conductor who is trained to conduct Conductive Education online. You can choose to train individually or in a group with other participants.

ConductOnline is suitable for all ages and is adapted to be performed at home. The equipment and furniture we use are typically found in a home setting. You will meet your Conductor and train together with fellow participants through a screen on a TV or a computer/tablet.

ConductOnline can be offered in all the aforementioned options – group training or individual setup. 



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