How we work with CE in training


During a training period, our aim is to work towards the goals set by the conductor, the trainee, and their family together. Every day is dedicated to getting closer to a more independent life, where our trainees can actively use their everyday functions. Complexity is present in all activities. Motor and cognitive functions, speech and language abilities, and social skills are incorporated into every training session.



After you contact us, we will arrange a free meeting where we can meet in person or digitally. It is important for you to get an understanding of who we are, how we work, and to have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. For us, it is crucial to get to know you/your child/user/family, so that we can have an accurate understanding of current knowledge, needs, and desires. Based on this, the conductor can choose the appropriate group that can offer optimal development for you, provide you with necessary information about methods and our way of working, and explain the application processes based on your location.

Training Groups

The Group Leader/Conductor has a complex specialized training in neurological injuries, which enables them to create a well-structured program that can promote development in various areas in a pedagogical manner. Based on this, the trainee will be placed in the appropriate group and train their physical, cognitive, speech and language, social, and psychological abilities.


We currently have agreements with several regions, but there is also the possibility to train with us through the National Agreement (Riksavtalet). The structure of the training is determined by the specific agreements with the different regions, which may vary slightly. More information about each agreement is available..


After completing a training period, you will receive recommendations for home use. There is the possibility to book individual or regular consultations, or shorter periods (1 or 2 weeks) between two 4-week periods. There is also the option of group training or individual training as a follow-up, based on availability and needs. However, this is outside the offerings provided by the county council.


There is the option for consultations, both on an individual basis and regularly.

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