Results from the Swedish Schools Inspectorate Survey


The Swedish Schools Inspectorate regularly examines all educational activities throughout the country. The goal is to contribute to all children's equal rights to a good education in a safe environment. The school survey is part of this inspection. The survey is used to gain an understanding of how the school is perceived by students, educational staff, and guardians. In 2021, 3,206 school units participated in the school survey.

Survey results for guardians of special needs education:

Gothenburg survey results 2021

Malmö survey results 2021

Solna survey results 2021

School Survey Results

Move & Walk Schools place great importance on good collaboration between school and home. Therefore, the school sends out a school survey to all guardians every year. The goal is to actively involve all guardians in the school's continuous development work. The school management analyzes the survey responses, which are then used in the school's development efforts.

2023 Skolenkät Göteborg, resultatsammanfattning

2023 Skolenkät Malmö, resultatsammanfattning

2023 Skolenkät Solna, resultatsammanfattning

Swedish Schools Inspectorate Quality Review

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