Move & Walk's Quality Policy


Move & Walk's quality policy has been developed on behalf of the company's board and is a document that provides guidelines regarding quality and factors that affect quality. All employees and board members are expected to adhere to the policy.



We provide training, schooling, personal assistance, and daily activities within a unique concept based on Conductive Pedagogy. Through our services, we create a better everyday life and higher quality of life for individuals with disabilities. With our broad expertise, we enable our customers to develop their abilities, improve their quality of life, and enhance their self-confidence. The goal of Move & Walk's quality work is satisfied customers, where we deliver results that exceed their expectations. The name Move & Walk should be associated with high quality in terms of personnel, services, and customer service.


The management should set clear quality goals that are communicated, monitored, and regularly revised. The company utilizes the international quality standard ISO 9001 as support in quality work.

Customer satisfaction

Our primary success factor is satisfied customers. Therefore,

  • we prioritize what is best for the customer in the long term
  • we are always collaborative when it comes to our customers and strive for their involvement
  • we demonstrate our expertise and create a competent impression in the customer's eyes
  • we provide secure, time-saving, user-friendly, and cost-effective services.

Employee satisfaction

A good and productive work environment is a success factor. Therefore,

  • all employees work as a team with an understanding of the significance of individual contributions to the whole
  • critical information is made accessible to ensure work is performed with quality and success
  • we acknowledge and affirm success, and reward achievements
  • we ensure the right person is in the right position through well-planned recruitment and further education
  • we adhere to our core values.


The company operates within a larger context. Therefore,

  • we comply with laws and regulations as well as the company's ethical rules and policies
  • we promote teamwork in the care process
  • we consider the concept of sustainability in decision-making
  • we minimize negative impact on air, water, and soil
  • we minimize water and energy consumption.

Continuous Improvements

Our external environment and business concept require continuous improvements in implementation. Therefore,

  • we base our decisions on facts and measurements
  • we continuously improve our quality management system
  • we do the right things at the right time and in the right way
  • we proactively work to prevent problems and risks
  • we engage employees and other stakeholders in daily improvement work to increase customer satisfaction.
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