Conductive Education

The path to a more independent life
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For over 25 years, Move & Walk has provided hope and optimism to adults and children with neurological disabilities through professionalism, dedication, and high quality. We offer opportunities and tools for everyone to grow to their fullest potential.

We believe in everyone's right to the opportunity for development and the ability to live as independently as possible through lifelong activity and learning.

Move & Walk is based on the pedagogical concept of Conductive Education (CE), designed to provide individuals with motor function variations with the right support and stimulation in the learning process. The pedagogy is a comprehensive concept that combines motor, cognitive, communicative, and social functions, and skills, providing the development and tools needed to tackle everyday challenges.

The goal is to enable each individual to engage in activity, independence, and personal growth through challenges, becoming their best selves. 

Move & Walk offers Conductive Education to children, youths, and adults throughout their lives. It is an educational re-/habilitation approach that helps individuals with functional variations gain the right conditions for everyday life.

Currently, Move & Walk operates in several areas: Adult Activity Center, Personal Assistance, Adapted Primary and Secondary Education, Training, and the digital tool ConductHub.

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"I feel that we are professionally treated by the entire organization of Move & Walk"

"What I appreciate about Move & Walk is that I feel I receive tools that help me in working with Signe, such as playing or performing various tasks together at home. Signe also has the opportunity to participate in training sessions annually, which helps us stay updated on her training. Signe has a Conductor who visits her a certain number of times per year, and it helps her as well as those around her to follow up and develop different aspects of daily life."

Anna Brimse

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