Vision, mission, and core values


Our vision, mission and our core values communicate who we are and what we aim to achieve. They are not just words on paper, and it's not just about what we say that matters. The most important aspect is how each employee handles different situations with colleagues, customers, students, and trainees. This document forms the basis of our entire operation and ensures that we all work towards our common goal: to provide more people with disabilities with an opportunity to challenge their abilities and experience joy and pride in life.


Our Vision/Passion

To create a better everyday life and quality of life for people living with disabilities and thereby contribute to societal development.

Our Mission

We are a creative and innovative organization that enables individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential and live a more active, independent, and meaningful life.

Through courage and commitment, we create a secure and stimulating community where we, with heart and joy, build an environment that takes us and our customers towards our vision.

We are pioneering through our unique expertise in Conductive Education, a holistic educational method and approach that we use as a fundamental tool in all our operations.

Our core values

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