Our school has a unique approach where Conductive Education (CE) has been integrated with the curriculum and syllabi. This means that our students have access to CE throughout the entire school day.

CE is largely based on motivation linked to a clear purpose. Learning takes place through active communicative, motor, cognitive, and social interaction, which has been proven through experience, scientific studies, and evaluations to be the key to learning for our group of students. The school's goal is to guide the student towards an independent life filled with development and learning. You can read more here -> Conductive Education.

Students are provided with motor challenges throughout the school day, and through these stimulating tasks, they explore the possibilities of their bodies and have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We work daily on the students' communication skills and explore various possibilities within alternative and augmentative communication for them to learn how to express themselves.

Our activities are characterized by quality, development, and joy throughout the day, creating a good and inspiring learning environment for the students and a favourable working environment for the staff.

Our staff consists of Conductors (special teachers) trained at the András Pető Faculty within Semmelweis University in Budapest, special educators/special teachers with experience from Swedish adapted elementary school, adapted secondary school, as well as teacher and student assistants. We have quality developers in CP who provide guidance to the staff in the school. Conductors, special teachers/special educators, parents/guardians, and personal assistants maintain close communication. Together, they create the individual development plan based on each student's specific needs.

We also have a close collaboration with the students' own habilitation services.

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