Move & Walk Daily Activity Centre adheres to the regulations and general advice (SOSFS 2011:9) on management systems for systematic quality work provided by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). You can find more information at www.socialstyrelsen.se/sosfs/2011-9.

The quality system/self-control ensures that the individual's needs are met, and that laws and regulations are followed. Move & Walk Sverige AB has a quality management system.


The quality of the operations is systematically developed and secured on an ongoing basis. We establish an implementation plan and document according to the law for all our participants.

Move & Walk Daily Activity Centre is committed to actively improving its operations, where handling deviations becomes a natural part of quality assurance for the organization.

Customer satisfaction is a central aspect of our quality work. Through satisfied customers, we have the opportunity to establish long-term relationships and develop our own operations. Quality work evolves through continuous improvements. Everyone working within Move & Walk Daily Activity Centre actively contributes to achieving high-quality daily activities by understanding the individual needs of the participants.

In our quality work, we assess the well-being and development of our participants by having them fill out a survey. Based on the results, we calculate a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and then work towards setting goals for our improvement efforts.

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