Processing of personal data within school, upper secondary school, and recreational activities

In order to ensure that students at Move & Walk School receive education and care of high quality, we, as responsible for the operations of the school, upper secondary school, and recreational activities, need to handle your personal data and information about guardians (name, address, email address, and personal identification number) in various contexts.

To process personal data, it is required that the data controller has a legal basis for processing the data or that you have given your consent to the processing. Therefore, we only process data to the extent necessary to fulfil our mission.

In cases where Move & Walk processes personal data that is not necessary for conducting the school, we will request your or your guardian's voluntary and informed consent. This may include situations such as publishing photos or videos of students. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Certain personal data needs to be processed in order to conduct the school. Examples of such data are your name, address, and personal identification number.

Personal data is processed in connection with administration, such as statistics, fee invoicing, application for additional funds, establishment of school agreements, student care, transportation arrangements, scheduling, attendance statistics, administration of leave requests, as well as administration of students' educational tools.

Personal data is also processed for educational documentation and planning, monitoring learning processes, communication and dialogue between the school and home, supporting students' learning, monitoring and formative assessment of students' learning processes, collaboration, storage, and digital sharing of educational materials, documenting action plans and support measures, documenting incidents of bullying or harassment, and related actions.

Sensitive/extra protected personal data

To plan, conduct, and follow up on activities, both extra protected personal data (e.g., personal identification numbers) and sensitive personal data about children and students are processed. Sensitive personal data includes, for example, ethnicity (e.g., mother tongue), religious or philosophical beliefs (e.g., special dietary requirements), and health information (e.g., assistive devices in teaching and placement in special education). The school may also process ordered assessments or submitted medical and/or psychological assessments, provided that these assessments are specifically necessary for the school to provide the appropriate support.

Under certain conditions, we will also process reports of concern to the Social Services

Recipients of personal data

Recipients of personal data include relevant personnel at Move & Walk School, guardians. We may share your personal data with a third party, provided that it is in accordance with the law and necessary for us to fulfil our mission. This may include authorities (municipality, Social Insurance Agency, Swedish Schools Inspectorate, Statistics Sweden, taxi companies for transportation services, habilitation services, school meal providers).

Information submitted to an authority may become public and may be requested by anyone, as long as it is not prevented by confidentiality requirements.

Application to the school

If you are not a student at the school but apply to us, your and your guardian's information will be processed in our application system. If you are not admitted to the school, you can actively choose to remain on the waiting list; otherwise, your application will be deleted.

Personal data within student health services

Within the framework of student health services, the Student Health Team (EHT) at Move & Walk registers certain sensitive personal data. These may include health conditions, such as diagnoses or similar conditions. These data are particularly necessary for us to provide you with the appropriate support when needed. We have specific precautions in place for handling sensitive information.

Right to be forgotten

In cases where you have been a registered student at the school, we will continue to process certain personal data about you even after your study period. You have the right to have personal data that is not necessary for the mission.

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