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At Move & Walk Assistance, we work through a close relationship with you as a customer, where we collectively plan how the work should be based on your preferences and our expertise. Our team at Move & Walk Assistance has extensive experience in both practical and administrative work for and with people with disabilities. We are passionate about our work, and our strength lies in our genuine commitment to everything we do!

Accessibility and service are of utmost importance to us, both for you as a customer and for our employees. We have a flat organization with short decision-making processes and a high level of autonomy for our employees working with you. To ensure the quality of our services, we have a supervisor present at each workplace. If needed or desired, the role of the supervisor can be shared. The purpose of having a supervisor is to ensure that someone is always available, acting as your extended arm and serving as the direct link to our office. This may involve time reporting, identifying increased needs for hours or training, and more. Each supervisor receives compensation based on the number of hours worked. To ensure your confidence in the supervisor, they receive ongoing guidance and training.

At Move & Walk Assistance, we assist you with all aspects of personal assistance administration, including employee meetings, method training, active recruitment, and liaising with authorities for reviews, temporary extensions, or additional hours, among other things. This work is tailored to you, your preferences, and the specific assistance you require. If you don't have an existing decision, we assist you with a new application to both the municipality and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), supporting you throughout the entire process.

Together with you, we create an annual financial forecast based on your preferences and needs. In the forecast, you choose the level of administrative assistance you desire or require, the training programs for your assistants, and allocate funds for any special events or circumstances throughout the year. Naturally, we provide you with regular financial reporting, and we handle the administration of your assistance-related costs and salaries. We also assist you in booking any necessary travel arrangements for your assistants.

We believe it's essential for all our assistants to feel secure in their roles, and for you as a customer to have competent staff. Therefore, we invest heavily in our personal assistants! Education plays a crucial part in this. We offer wellness benefits to all employees and invite everyone to various social events each year to foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Our training programs are always tailored to each work group because no two work groups are alike. We highly value providing assistants with concrete training specific to your disability, so they have the tools to assist you in the best possible way. We believe it's crucial for your assistants to understand your situation and have the necessary resources to support you in your daily life, ensuring that the assistance functions optimally.

We are authorized by the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO), have collective agreements with Almega, and follow the guidelines of the Independent Living Institute (IfA).

Below, you can read more about our offerings to you as a customer.

Basic Offering

Move & Walk Assistance has an extensive basic offering that includes all assistance administration, basic training for your assistants, insurance coverage, and legal assistance. In addition to the basic offering, you can choose to add additional training programs for your assistants based on your preferences and needs. Below, you can find more detailed information about what we offer.

Administrative costs, quality and work environment efforts, basic training

  • Ongoing contact with the customer and assistant supervisor, support, and guidance in personnel matters
  • Assistance with occupational safety and health inspections, assistance with booking assistant training and any related travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Costs related to your personal coordinator
  • All costs associated with assistance administration, such as payroll, financial and scheduling systems, auditing, company insurance, costs for employer and industry organizations or similar, payroll costs for administrative staff
  • Employee meetings, salary discussions, rehabilitation assessments
  • Assistance with applications to the municipality and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency
  • Work environment efforts and employee care to strengthen the work for a good working environment for assistants, such as training and updating of current practices. Costs for resolving work environment issues, costs for conducting work environment inspections.
  • Occupational health services
  • Quality assurance of your assistance – documentation, quality management systems, and quality surveys
  • Basic support in recruitment, such as advertising and forwarding of incoming applications
  • Customer and staff events
  • Basic training and method guidance for assistants and supervisors
  • Supervisor days and assistant days
  • First aid training (CPR) for all assistants
  • The "Yes, I Can" platform, available to you and your assistants, where you can access the latest information about the Personal Assistance Act and track your own personal development. Here, you can interact with our trainers, including your personal Conductor, who assists with follow-ups and assistant training in the Personal Assistance Act (KP).

In addition to the basic offering, as a customer, you can make additional choices based on how you want assistance with your personal care. We can offer support with scheduling, additional recruitment assistance, and customizable training programs.

Move & Walk offers several training programs to its customers, which we tailor to your specific needs and preferences as an assistance customer. These include comprehensive theoretical and practical training in the Personal Assistance Act (KP), intensive training weeks with KP at Move & Walk, home visits, transfer training, autism training, and more.


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